Mark Westin


Mark Westin
Mark Westin


"This song asks the musical question 'what if we had the same burial rituals today that people did in ancient Egypt?"


I’m getting the feeling I’m ready to go
I called all my friends and I told them all so
My buddies they told me now don’t you be scared
You’ll come out in style if you go in prepared

I packed all my silver and paintings and clothes
In fact I’m still wearing the T-shirt I chose
Then I looked for awhile and I found a nice space
Then we all had a party and painted the place

Gonna do just fine in the afterlife
Gonna do just fine in the afterlife

I feel a bit weaker don’t get around much
And the ladies I know say I’m losing my touch
I cooked myself dinner but I couldn’t eat
So I wrapped it to go with some onions and wheat

Then I went to the temple to talk to the gods
And I found I was favored with two to one odds
So I went by my tomb and I checked all the locks
Then I lay myself down to get fit for a box

The shadows are closing now I’m gonna go
But I’m sure not afraid because I’m in the know
I’m off on a journey to I don’t know where
But I got all this stuff make me feel at home there

I’ll have a big party and make lots of friends
‘Cause you got to be nice when the time never ends
I’m sure that they’ll find out I’m someone to dig
If I hold up all right I could make it out big