Mark Westin

E-Z Way to god

Mark Westin
Mark Westin


"There isn't one."


We sweat and we toil for the things that we need
And we lust for the things we desire
When we're tired or bored then we call on the Lord
Just to add some more fuel to the fire

I suppose it seems soothing invoking the name
Of a being supposed to adore us
When we're losing our dreams but we won't take the blame
Then we pray to let god do it for us

Though we claim to be searching for solace
We're mostly just dialing for dollars
To inherit some worth or inherit the earth as the meek
It's the easy way to god that we seek

My faith has been tested and tested again
There's some black pits of hell I've been through
And some demons I've fought maybe worse than your own
But I don't have to prove that to you

I've been shown to the top and I've watched myself drop
For the price of a poison or passion
And I've given up hope on the doorstep of broke
All the while remaining in fashion

Cause I wanted to get without giving
And I wanted to learn without living
And I lived for the peaks and I learned I was lost in the mist
And the E-Z way to god does not exist