Mark Westin

Kids Screw Everything Up

Mark Westin
Mark Westin


"A gentle and loving tribute to parents everywhere.  As Mike Block says:  it's a lovely song with a truly bleak worldview.    PS - I don't have any."


We were so happy you and me
When we got married we just felt so free
We both made money
We spent our checks
I called you honey
We had wild sex

But now I’ve given up your nipples so the baby can sup
Kids screw everything up

We used to travel
To Spain and France
I loved adventure
You loved to dance
Our tans were golden
Our clothes were fine
We ate the oysters
And drank the wine

But now I’m pouring apple juice in an unbreakable cup
Kids screw everything up

Why’d we do it, why’d we have to go through it
Sucked our savings down the drain
S’posed to love ‘em but we really wanna shove ‘em
Kids ain’t nothing but pain, pain, pain

I had a six pack
You had an ass
I had a motorcycle
And you had class
We had a passion that we could not deny
We made a baby and it all went bye-bye

We used to run with the big dogs now we’re raising a pup
Kids screw everything up