Mark Westin

Mr. Freakin' White Picket Fence

Mark Westin
Mark Westin


"The mythical beast known as the 'perfect man'."


He’s cute and he’s funny he smells really good
He comes from the best part of the neighborhood
He’s nice and polite he’s a well brought up boy
Certain to bring any young woman joy
He never makes the conversation tense
He’s mister freakin’ white picket fence

He always remembers and he always calls
He never sits naked and scratches his balls
He’ll listen for hours while rubbing your feet
He always says something that sounds really sweet
And when you’re down he’ll come to your defense
He’s mister freakin’ white picket fence

And every woman dreams she’s gonna get him
I’d like to find a single one who’s ever really met him

He’ll clean up the dishes and take out the trash
He’ll do all your laundry and lay out the cash
He’ll visit your grandma at least once a week
If you’re asking me kinda sounds like a freak

He’s not a bad guy just a little dense
Somebody gotta teach him common sense
He needs your help so don’t spare one expense
For mister freakin’ white picket fence