Mark Westin

Narcissistic As Me

Mark Westin
Muggwort (arr. M. Westin)


“The only rockn’roll song ever that contains the word ‘polytheistic’.  The last verse points out that even so-called ‘enlightened’ people can be egotistical about how spiritual they are.”


I’m looking pretty
I’m looking good
I’m getting stares in the neighborhood
I’m getting lucky
But I can’t find
The special someone I can love for all time

It seems so simple or at least it should be
I want someone narcissistic as me

So what’s the problem if I’m keeping in trim
I check my biceps every day in the gym
When I pump iron I got all the moves
I want a girl who digs my masculine groove

Just feast your eyes on my physicality
I want someone narcissistic as me

My clothes are tailored, don’t buy off the rack
Stand next to me your suit will look like a sack
When I go dancing I dress to the nines
I want a partner who can look just as fine

I’m fashion forward it’s easy to see
I want someone narcissistic as me

I’ve read the Bible
Kabbalah and Tao
I’m always living in the right here and now
I’ve studied shamans
and tricksters and mystics
I want my soul mate to be polytheistic

I need to dialogue on theology
I want someone narcissistic as me

I’m egoless up to the highest degree
I want someone narcissistic as me

I’ll hit on you with spirituality
I want someone narcissistic as me

Mark Westin: lead voice, electric rhythm and slide guitars
Jen Clapp: voice
Ken Fox: bass
Todd Giudice: electric guitar, guitar solo
Ben Senterfit: horns
Ken Veltz: drums