Mark Westin

Open Mike (v2.0)

Mark Westin
Mark Westin


“This song uses the setting of an open mike night in a bar as an allegory for the American electoral process.  Each of the performers at the open mike in the song represents a specific public figure or politician who dominated the establishment at the time the song was written. If you listen really carefully you’ll be able to figure out who they are.  Also, the song’s about an open mike I went to in a bar one night and the people I saw there.”


An acoustic version of this song appears on the "dirty folk" album.

In every little city in a dingy bar
There’s an overweight Adonis with a blues guitar
There’s an overage Madonna who’s a half step flat
There’s the next insert a name here in a stupid hat

You can meet ‘em any Monday in a nervous dream
Like a cavalcade of losers on the winning team
Any one of them would live or die to feed the beast
It’s the weekly competition to see who sucks least

It’s open mike, open mike
Everybody’s great at open mike
All the clothes and the hair are so outta sight
And everyone’s a millionaire at open mike

There’s a Yankee in a cowboy shirt he’s so sincere
Singing songs in southern accents that assault the ear
There’s an artsy fartsy poet who can’t even play
But that doesn’t stop her getting up there anyway

It’s a masochistic ritual for the friends who come
After just a couple verses well you just feel numb
While the girlfriends in the corner like to sit and squeal
Over who looks more professional and who’s more real

At open mike, open mike
Everybody falls for you at open mike
You were the best one you were so psyched
And everyone’s a visionary open mike

This one’s a little too whiny
And that one’s a little too slick
And everybody’s always so shiny
And nobody ever says dick

At open mike, open mike
We’re one big happy family at open mike
I’ll forget you tomorrow but I love you tonight
Cause everyone’s a superstar at open mike

Open mike, open mike
Everybody’s great at open mike
The rockin’ rollin’ future on display all right
And everyone’s a poster child at open mike

Mark Westin: lead and backing voices, electric guitars (riff and wah)
Ken Fox: bass
Todd Giudice: electric guitar (tremolo), voice
Ken Veltz: drums
Raquel Vidal: voice