Mark Westin

The Bible's Last Stand

Mark Westin
Mark Westin


"This song was begun on a trip to the Middle East in early 2006, and finished while watching our own elected officials attempt to push the US into theocracy.

Suzanne Hockstein sings, Steve Schiller plays fiddle, couldn't have done it without 'em."


Well they bulldozed the ancient city when they leveled the hilltop flat
Bones and pottery shards just a couple of yards
From the tank where the man in the gun turret sat

Yeah they dug up a thousand years or two and they dug up a whole lot more
Of the torture and pain that they use to explain
Why they’re fighting a hundred year war

And the ancestors’ graves and the answers they gave
Blown away in the desert sand
Everybody’s come out just to scream and to shout
Take a side at the bible’s last stand

Well it used to mean something to someone, but everything’s so different now
We can justify slaughter for oil or water
No matter how sacred the child or the cow

It don’t matter just what you believe in, to survive you believe what you can
But when they force you to run from a book or a gun
Even suicide seems like a reasonable plan

And now nothing that’s spiritual matters it seems
All true faith’s been replaced by a brand
You got nothing to lose, still this life’s what you choose
To depart at the bible’s last stand

You were told to liberate your mind from the western world
You were taught your faith could take you anywhere you want to go
But the western world’s the only world there’s ever gonna be my friend
And everybody’s Christian now son don’t you know

(I sing with the voice of one who walks with death each day
I sing with the voice of one who knows all hope is gone
I sing with the voices that will not be heard again
But still I sing)

Well they bulldozed the constitution when they leveled our consciousness flat
If you’re Muslim or Jew you don’t pray like they do
And they don’t like those funny hats

Yeah they buried the ancient scriptures in a place where they’ll never be found
And said don’t be surprised at the gospel revised
That our soldiers are handing around

And the word of the lord’s been deleted
And replaced by an earthly command
Of the righteous and strong who will never be wrong
As they fight for the bible’s last stand

So it’s man versus man in the ending
It’s a trigger a pin and a hand
Everybody’s come out on the sidelines to shout
Taking odds on the bible’s last stand