Mark Westin

The Naked Houseboy

Mark Westin
Mark Westin/Steve Giordano


“My friend and musical cohort Steve Giordano and I were talking about how sometimes you see a song title that’s so cool you just have to hear the song.  So we decided to come up with a bunch of cool titles and then write the songs to fit them afterwards.  ‘The Naked Houseboy’ was one of those titles. It was very offhand at the time; the deeper symbolism didn’t reveal itself to me till much later.”


I am the naked houseboy
I keep an eye on stuff
I dust and do the shopping
I do it in the buff

I like to do the windows
So everyone can see
You have a naked houseboy
Domestic nude, that’s me

So many naked houseboys
Would never mow the lawn
But I will rake and prune the hedge
And turn the sprinklers on

I’ll take out all the garbage
And clean the chimney flue
‘Cause these are just the kinds of things
That naked houseboys do

Don’t ask why I’m a naked houseboy
You may find that a naked houseboy
Holds the secret to all that’s closed
Inside your clothes

You might think that it’s funny
You might think that it’s sad
You might think I’m exploited
It’s really not that bad

You might think it’s disgusting
But I’m not judging you
I’m just a naked houseboy
And I’ve got work to do

Mark Westin: lead voice, acoustic guitar, lap steel, bass
Cat Guthrie: voice
Stacy Labriola: voice
Michele Rubin: voice
Jeannie Veltz: voice
Andrew Veltz: electric guitars
Ken Veltz: drums