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Painted Betty Rocks Harder These Days
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WHUD 100.7FM

"The songs [on Dark Humour] are well written and, true to the album’s title, lyrically they contain a different way of looking at the world that’s…well, let’s call it 'refreshingly bizarre'".

Mad Kane's Humor Blog

"If you enjoy funny song lyrics, you need to give Mark Westin’s latest album a listen. Dark Humour is packed with songs whose cleverness is the envy of humorists like me.

I, for one, can’t resist titles like Narcissistic As Me, Open Mike, When Beautiful People Break Up, and the soon to be classic Falling In Love On Facebook

So check it out — you’ll love the lyrics. Besides, Mark Westin plays a mean guitar."

Cold Spring Radio

“Listening to Mark Westin's 'Dirty Folk', my first reactions were, ‘Hell no, he didn't just go there, did he?’ But after a few spins, I found myself thinking, ‘Yes, and more than that, I'm damn glad he did’.  The world benefits from singer-songwriters who are not afraid to take on sacred cows in their music.”


“[Move From Center is] a great disc…a bit of American irony via song.”

Joe Gilford

"This is really special. It's so beautifully produced and the musicianship is so f*ckin' good.  There are shades of Pat Sky, Dylan, Beatles and a couple of cuts conjuring Ben Sidran's voice.  Smart, funny and great."

Michael Herron

"Literate pop bubbled up from a cauldron of funky influences and ladled out with a spicy cynical zest."

Lawrence Lyons

"Dude, this sh*t is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS RECORD, it was worth the wait."

Very Powerful ICM Agent

“You should try to write songs for other people.  Writing your own songs is not the way to go.”