Here's what some nice people have said about my songs: 

"A different way of looking at the world that's refreshingly bizarre." 
-Kathy Millar, WHUD-FM

"The world benefits from singer-songwriters who are not afraid to take on sacred cows." 
-Sam Tallerico, Cold Spring Radio 

"Dark Humour is packed with songs whose cleverness is the envy of humorists like me." 
-Madeline Begun Kane, winner of the Robert Benchley Society Humor Award

“[Move From Center is] a great disc…a bit of American irony via song.”
- George Maida, WCVE-FM

"[Dark Humour] is really special. It's so beautifully produced and the musicianship is so f*ckin' good.  There are shades of Pat Sky, Dylan, Beatles and a couple of cuts conjuring Ben Sidran's voice.  Smart, funny and great."
-Joe Gilford, Screenwriter

"Literate pop bubbled up from a cauldron of funky influences and ladled out with a spicy cynical zest."
-M. Wallace Herron, Author

"Dude, this sh*t is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS RECORD, it was worth the wait."
-Lawrence Lyons, Painter & Conceptual Artist

“You should try to write songs that sound like other people's hits.  Writing your own songs is not the way to go.”
-Very Powerful ICM Agent