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The '45' 45 (digital)

Mark Westin

I’m not a “political” songwriter, whatever that is. I just look at the world around me and write what I see.

In July 2016, during the run-up to the Presidential election, what I saw came out as “Get Behind Me”, a campaign stump speech from a corrupt candidate.

In April 2017, in the first months of the new administration, “Better This Way” appeared, an imaginary chronology of a presidential campaign and its consequences, narrated by a high-level insider.

I thought of both songs as worst-case scenario fictions. But line by line they’ve been coming true. And that’s horrifying.

The America our current administration is attempting to create is not the America I was raised in, and it’s not the America I want to live in. I recorded these songs and am donating a portion of every sale to causes that will help change this destructive course.

Musically, these are rockin’ tunes that stand up to repeated listens. I hope you enjoy them. Please share them if you do.

About The Name

"The '45' 45" is a reference to both our current President (#45) and the fact there are two songs here, just like you’d get on a 45 RPM single.

Because the lyrics to these songs are thematically linked, and because my musical education began with singles, my original intent was to release them on a vinyl 7” record with “Get Behind Me” as the A side and “Better this Way” as the B side.

But I also wanted as many people as possible to hear them, and although they're cool, 45s aren’t the best medium for wide distribution. Instead, I’m pleased to bring that old-school vibe into the digital age with The ‘45’ 45 – a double download to be listened to back to back and over again the same way you do with singles. You like the A or the B side better, up to you.

Donation Details

1/3 of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council, because if we lose the planet, nothing else really matters.

1/3 will be held until the candidate to challenge 45 has been determined, and then will go to support that candidate’s campaign.

1/3 goes to offset the costs of recording and production, and to support future endeavors like this one. Artists gotta eat too.
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Cat in the Moon

Mark Westin

Each sale of Cat in the Moon benefits a no-kill animal shelter in the Hudson Valley.

In case you were wondering, the cat in the photo is my cat Martha. The picture was taken when she was a tiny kitten and fell face first into her bowl of food. She's fine.
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Dark Humour

Mark Westin

"Smart songs for beautiful people. Like you."

That’s how Mark Westin describes the contents of Dark Humour. On this, his third album of original music, Mark takes full ownership of the songcraft territory staked out on his previous two releases; Dark Humour matches sharply insightful lyrics with stellar musicianship and sonically superb production.

What will you hear when you listen to the songs that make up Dark Humour? A touch of Townshend, a dollop of Davies, a sliver of Steely Dan, perhaps a zegment of Zappa? These and many other wide-ranging musical and lyrical influences are in evidence, but Mark brings new blood to the time-honored tradition of the rock n’ roll songwriter. Equal parts crunchy guitars and delicate vocal harmonies, Dark Humour weaves classic threads into a modern tapestry.

The songs on Dark Humour paint detailed portraits of characters we all know, with lyrics that point fingers, poke fun and pull no punches. There’s the celebrity romance of "When Beautiful People Break Up", the surgically-enhanced babe of "Almost Got It Right", and "The Naked Houseboy", a six-minute suite that defies easy classification. From the angst-ridden loner of "Not a Stalker Song" to the unabashed self-love of "Narcissistic as Me" to the pure bite-the-hand-that-feeds snarl of "Open Mike" and "Formula", it’s popular entertainment that reflects Mark Westin’s…well, Dark Humour.
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Go Santa!

Mark Westin

"Go Santa" is a modern holiday classic, a perennial feel-good song. 100% of the proceeds from sales of this single will always be donated to a charity or other worthy cause (each year a new one depending on greatest need), so you can feel good about buying it for yourself or as a gift for someone special. I hope it brings some joy to your holiday playlist! -Mark
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  1. Go Santa!