A different way of looking at the world that's refreshingly bizarre.”

— Kathy Millar, WHUD-FM

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The world benefits from singer-songwriters who are not afraid to take on sacred cows.”

— Sam Tallerico, Cold Spring Radio

Latest release. Click for info

Latest release. Click for info


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Mark Westin is an Emmy-nominated film composer and one of the most unique songwriters you've ever heard. Imagine what it might sound like if Warren Zevon and George Carlin grabbed a bag of weed and a quart of Wild Turkey and wrote together, and you're somewhere in Mark's zone. 

 His three albums and three recent singles showcase his lyrical insights and strong musicianship.  Mark crafts character-driven narratives that are sometimes funny, sometimes biting, sometimes bittersweet, and always unfailingly honest. 

Mark has performed across the United States, in Canada and the United Kingdom, sharing stages with artists including Fishbone, Jon Herington (Steely Dan), The Klezmatics and The Waitresses. He also leads ReBurt, an 8-piece band performing fresh versions of the classic 60s pop songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. He's beloved by bikers and old ladies alike, and there's a small cult devoted to him on the Belgium-France border.