The '45' 45 is available HERE.

I'm not a “political” songwriter, whatever that is.  I just look at the world around me and write whatever comes out. In July 2016 during the run-up to the Presidential election, what came out was “Get Behind Me”, a stump speech from a corrupt candidate. In April 2017, after the first months of the new administration, “Better This Way” appeared, a chronology of a presidential campaign and its consequences, narrated by a high-level insider.

I thought of both songs as worst-case scenario fiction. But line by line they've been coming true over the past four years. The America this administration attemped to create is not the America I was raised in, and it’s not the America I want to live in.  Even though with the 2020 election, the pendulum appears to be swinging toward more humane and sane leaders at the federal, state and local levels, I am continuing to donate a portion of every sale to causes that will help change this destructive course.  Details are below. I hope you dig.

The Name

The '45' 45 is a reference to both president #45 and the fact there are two songs here, just like on a 45 RPM single. My musical education began with singles, so my original intent was to release them on a vinyl 7” record. But I also wanted as many people as possible to hear them, and although they're cool, 45s aren’t the best medium for wide distribution.  Instead, I’m pleased to bring that old-school vibe into the digital age with The ‘45’ 45 – a double download to be listened to back to back and over again.  You like the A or the B side better, up to you.

Donation Details

1/2 of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council, because if we lose the planet, nothing else really matters. 1/2 goes to offset the costs of recording and production, and to support future endeavors like this one. Artists gotta eat too.