1. Feast of Fools

From the recording Tales

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Mark Westin: Guitars, Weissenborn, lead and background vocals
Will Bryant: Keyboards, mandolin and background vocals
Lee Falco: Drums, percussion and background vocals
Brandon Morrison: Bass and background vocals

Produced by Mark Westin with Brandon, Lee and Will
Recorded and mixed by Brandon Morrison at The Building, Marlboro, NY
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, Cornwall, NY
Written by Mark Westin
Published by Spinach World Music/BMI (c) 2023


I killed a goat with folks I met one summer in Kentucky
I chopped its head off with an axe. It came off clean, I was first time lucky
We split it down the middle and we threw it on the fire
Then drank moonshine and watched it roast. It took a little while

The head was lying on the ground. Its eyes were wide and staring
I picked it up, it blinked at me and then it started swearing
‘Hey, what the fuck?’ The goat exclaimed. ‘The hell did you just do?
Perhaps before you take a life You oughta think it through’

I started to say something but the words caught in my throat
‘What's wrong?’ he said, ‘cat got your tongue? Or did I get your goat?’
The folks around the fire were all caught up in their beer
I grabbed the head and moved away where nobody could hear

I put him down upon a rock and looked him in the eye
‘I know,’ he said ‘you wanna ask me what’s it like to die?’
He said ‘I’d ask the same of you. So, what’s it like to kill?’
Did you feel pain, remorse or shame, or was it just a thrill?’

‘I’ve seen your kind before,’ he said, and gave a little grin
‘You’d travel round the world just tryin’ to find where you fit in’
‘You wear the hats and learn the lines and hope nobody sees
You’re just a poser passing as a poet. Oh, bitch, please’

I didn’t have a comeback, ‘cause I knew that he was right
It sure was turning out to be an interesting night
And though he’d put me in my place already once or twice
The only think that I could think to ask was his advice

The goat stuck out his tongue at me, said, ‘Try this on for style
Stop following your heart, and use your head once in a while’
‘The best advice that I can give I learned from my old granny
Don’t be a stupid Billy always chasing after Nannys’

‘Just look around at all these clowns, it's all a feast of fools.
Don't try to play their game, son, figure out your own damn rules.’
The goat head sighed, ‘Now leave me here, and get your ass to bed
I'm sure you're pretty drunk now, and I'm really kinda dead’

When I woke up the next day my head was two feet thick
There’d been some moonshine after all, and I felt slightly sick
I tried to put together what I’d heard the night before
Did I get wisdom from a goat? I wasn’t really sure

In any case I hit the road and left that place behind
But I couldn’t shake the questions that the beast put in my mind
I killed a goat one summer night and it got pretty gory
I’ve only killed once more since then, but that’s another story