1. Bring God In

From the recording Tales

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Mark Westin: Guitars, Weissenborn, lead and background vocals
Will Bryant: Keyboards, mandolin and background vocals
Lee Falco: Drums, percussion and background vocals
Brandon Morrison: Bass and background vocals

Produced by Mark Westin with Brandon, Lee and Will
Recorded and mixed by Brandon Morrison at The Building, Marlboro, NY
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, Cornwall, NY
Written by Mark Westin
Published by Spinach World Music/BMI (c) 2023


Bring God in off the porch he’s probably getting wet out there
See if he wants some soup or something, help him dry that mane of hair
I know we talked about this but I don’t know why he’s here
I mean shouldn’t he be somewhere lifting hearts or striking fear?

Now don’t misunderstand, I’m glad he likes our little place
He laughs when I play that Stones tune goes, ‘I just wanna see his face’
And if the neighbors argue with me I just smile and nod
Then settle the dispute by saying ‘let’s just go ask god’

But for all of his magnificence I need you to explain
Why this dude don’t have the common sense to come in out of the rain
And how come he appears as an old white guy in a robe
And why is he a he? I think god might be a transphobe

It shouldn’t be too hard for God to show up in another shape
A woman or a penguin or a cactus or a grape
So really what’s his purpose here and why’d we let him stay?
He doesn’t seem to care that we’re all sinning almost every day

He’s using our good towels and he leaves them on the floor
Can’t he just change the weather so it’s not such a downpour?
And for all his grace and blessings he don’t keep us safe from harm
On second thought don’t bring God in just let him crash out in the barn