1. The Last Bus

From the recording Tales

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Mark Westin: Guitars, Weissenborn, lead and background vocals
Will Bryant: Keyboards, mandolin and background vocals
Lee Falco: Drums, percussion and background vocals
Brandon Morrison: Bass and background vocals

Produced by Mark Westin with Brandon, Lee and Will
Recorded and mixed by Brandon Morrison at The Building, Marlboro, NY
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, Cornwall, NY
Written by Mark Westin
Published by Spinach World Music/BMI (c) 2023


I grew up around here and I’m gonna be clear
It’s not much of a place to come from
I got most of my school at the bar shooting pool
You could say that my people are kindly but dumb

I remember the day Buddy came up to me
With a light of some sort in his eyes
He said, ‘Here’s an idea, let’s go travel the world
There’s just so many new things that we oughta try’

Well I gave it some thought but perhaps not enough
When he asked me again I said no
Which is why I was there at the depot that night
Watching Buddy hop on to the last bus and go

Summer turned into fall, nothing happened at all
Just like nothing had happened before
Tore a page off the calendar every day
While the small talk went on at the general store

And I stayed at the bar banking shots off the rail
Downing shots just to help me get through
And from Buddy I never heard anything more
Where he ended up nobody round these parts knew

Now it’s been a few years, OK more than a few
I still kick it around in my head
What would I have become if I’d taken that chance
Maybe famous or wealthy or hungry or dead

Which is why I’m out here at the depot tonight
With my boots and a fresh change of clothes
Got a ticket one way, got no reason to stay
I’ll be on the last bus just to see where it goes