1. One More Day

From the recording Tales

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Dedicated to Mike Herron

Mark Westin: Guitars, Weissenborn, lead and background vocals
Will Bryant: Keyboards, mandolin and background vocals
Lee Falco: Drums, percussion and background vocals
Brandon Morrison: Bass and background vocals

Produced by Mark Westin with Brandon, Lee and Will
Recorded and mixed by Brandon Morrison at The Building, Marlboro, NY
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, Cornwall, NY
Written by Mark Westin
Published by Spinach World Music/BMI (c) 2023


Sometimes when it’s quiet I get an inspiration
And I realize it came from you
There was just a way you used to think about things
That always seemed to pull me through
Sometimes when it’s quiet I try to hear your voice
But it’s just the silent words in my head
It always makes me smile when I see a situation
And imagine what you would have said

Now that you’re gone I just carry on
But I’m feeling a little bit worthless
Treasure the moments you had is what they say
But I would give all those treasures away
To spend just one more day with you

Sometimes when it’s quiet I like to get lost in dreams
Cause they give me a reason
I’m walking the same streets you knew so well
Marking time with the change of the seasons
Sometimes when it’s quiet i wonder where you are now
And the things that you see
Are you bigger than time and space in that place
Do you finally know what it means to be free?

Now that you’re gone I’m still moving on
But I wonder if there’s a purpose
You can’t put a price on friendship is what they say
But whatever it costs i would gladly pay
To spend just one more day with you